Why this site?

It’s quite simple. I want to help spread the word about cryptocurrency and encourage the use of alternatives to Fiat currency.

Where are your products made?

I work with companies in the U.S. to ensure the best quality for my customers. Our footware is shipped from Hong Kong

Where do you ship to?

We ship all over the world.

How long will it take my crypto swag to arrive?

Depends where you are, my products are shipped from the U.S. On average between 7 and 20 days. Our footwear is shipped from Hong Kong and can take up to 20 days depending on demand.

Can I track my order?

Yes. You will be sent a tracking code via email once your order has been printed and dispatched

Can I get refund if I order the wrong size?

Unfortunately not. All of our products are made on demand. Please take care when ordering.

My order isn’t correct our arrived damaged!

No problem, send me a message and i’ll put it right.

Do you accept Bitcoin?

Absolutely. We accept Bitcoin and alt coins, over 50 at the time of writing this.

I have an idea for a product design. Will you check it out?

Sure. Please get in touch via the contact page.