Nakamoto Case Mate – Slim Phone Case


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In 2014 Newsweek magazine doxxed a senior citizen in the U.S. They claimed that the unassuming, Mr. Dorian S. Nakamoto, was the inventor of Bitcoin. Mr. Nakamoto was doorstepped for days on end by journalists from all over the world looking for a story. They were so relentless, Mr. Nakamoto had to threaten them with a harassment lawsuit. Eventually they realised that Mr. Nakamoto was not the inventor of Bitcoin. In fact he had never heard of the digital currency until they showed up on his doorstep. The true inventor of Bitcoin has never been revealed, and maybe never will. However, the image of Mr. Dorian S. Nakamoto, printed onto this phone case, will forever represent the persona of the mysterious and faceless inventor of Bitcoin.

This premium, super slim cases fits flawlessly onto your iPhone or Samsung phone. It is light, flexible and extremely durable. A must have! Clean with damp cotton or microfiber cloth. Add a drop of dish soap to the rag if needed and wipe the soap down with a clean and damp cloth.

  •  Extremely strong plastic
  •  Super slim
  •  Impact resistant, durable
  •  Rubber inside plate

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